I strive to create a collaborative working relationship with clients in order to help them make desired changes in their lives. Many people find that working with a non-judgmental  professional who has relevant expertise allows them to grow in ways that they have long wished for. While it is often a stressful event which causes people to seek therapy, most people end up feeling that it fundamentally improves their quality of life.

I am committed to offering clients the most effective and well-studied treatments available. After providing a thorough assessment of your situation, I will share with you my thoughts about the most productive way to move forward.

Philosophy and Specialties

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It is not uncommon to be experiencing a significant degree of distress by the time you seek therapy. You may find this impacting your job performance, or your ability to feel good in your role as a friend, significant other, parent, or family member. Consider coming in for a consultation to see what a potential treatment plan would be. It can be grounding and reassuring to speak with a professional regarding these important aspects of your life.

I work with both individuals and couples.

Areas of Expertise:

  •  Relationship repair and growth

  •  Stress-reduction   

  •  Anxiety

  •  Panic

  •  Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

  •  Sadness or depression

  •  Procrastination

  •  Anger

  •  Stress-related health problems

  •  Insomnia

  •  Social isolation

  •  Parenting concerns

  •  Increasing joy, creativity, and productivity


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